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Episode #3 – The World is Your Node

by on September 3, 2009

These show notes are for Episode 3 of The Warcraft Syndicate Copyright 2009.


Segment 1 – This week in WoW

• Cataclysm again – Mentoring!
• Official Cataclysm Forums are up!
• Pacifist Priest Dings 80!

Segment 2 – Blizzard Blues

Arena Season 7 is here! According to Bornak, “Arena Season 7 has now officially begun, and players can immediately begin competing for the new Relentless Gladiator PvP item sets. We have reset all Arena team ratings, Arena points, and personal ratings though players retain their honor points and matchmaking rating going into the season.
Also, to coincide with the launch of Arena Season 7, players who were on the top teams from each battlegroup at the end of season 6 should be receiving their end-of-season rewards today. These include Arena-specific titles until the end of the new season, and for players that have earned the rank of gladiator, a Furious Gladiator’s Frostwyrm”
Bornak goes on to list out all of the purchasable gear with and without rating.    Link:

Cataclysm at PAX! Crygil states, Blizzard Entertainment will once again be representing in full force at the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo, taking place this weekend, September 4-6 in Seattle, Washington. PAX attendees will have access to playable versions of Diablo III (including the recently announced Monk class), the earth-shattering World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion, and the engrossing StarCraft II single-player campaign. Community managers will also be in attendance to chat with attendees about the past, present, and future of Blizzard Entertainment games.” Link:

Segment 3 – The Change Bank

Here’s what really cheese me off. People who don’t completely loot their beast kills. As a leatherworker, nothing cheeses me off more than seeing a ton of dead rhinos and sabers in Sholazar Basin, and NOT being able to skin them! Gah! Just loot the thing, and go sell the greys and whites, and let me get the leather that I need. I think that this is a mechanic that needs to be changed by Blizzard. Maybe after 2 minutes they can let the corpse be skinned, even if there are items to be looted from the body. ANYTHING that will allow me to skin kills (even those not my own) will be better than the current setup.

Segment 4 – The Loot Table

Not sure what all those macros do? Want to start using macros but you’re not sure you can handle all the coding? points us to is a nifty little site that will give you an explanation of what a macro does in plain english. Once you know what the macro does, you can choose what class can benefit from it, tag it with some keywords, name it, and give it a description. Afterwards you can save it off to its own URL, allowing you to link it on forums or email it to friends! The site was created by someone named Fitzcairn and is in Beta. Check it out!

World of Warcraft The Magazine? That’s right! Blizzard has teamed up with Future US to bring us a quarterly magazine for World of Warcraft. The magazine will feature 148 pages packed with fascinating features, expert analysis, and player points-of-view covering all aspects of World of Warcraft. The first issue will feature an in-depth look at the 5th anniversary of WoW and how it has evolved over that time, the lore behind the legendary weapon Doomhammer, a new content preview, and much, much more! Future US, Inc. are a leading US publisher of cutting-edge games, computing, action sports, and musician magazines and websites. They’re the publishers of PC Gamer magazine, Nintendo Power, the Official XBox Magazine, and Playstation: The Official Magazine to name a few. The cost of the magazine will be $39.95 for 1 year (4 issues) or $69.95 for 2 years (8 issues) in US currency.

Segment 5 – E-Mails and Q&A

You send us your email and MP3 attachments and we get to respond to them. This is your chance to rack the brains of Stacalm and Gill. Get those hard to find answers from the guys that know! And if they don’t know…well…they’ll probably just make something up.

Tron Imager writes – “Why are there not enough instance servers for everyone, yet Blizzard is still adding more instances?”

Crygil sez, “We understand that players have been experiencing situations where the active instance limit was reached. We realize that this is very frustrating for the affected players, and would like to say a few things regarding the issue.

The limit on active instances was originally implemented as an interim solution to ensure that all active instances perform smoothly. Within the last few weeks, we have configured and optimized our infrastructure to better handle the instance load, and many players are no longer experiencing issues with instance creation. However, to incorporate these upgrades across every realm is not a minor undertaking; it requires fairly complex coordination with third party affiliates who actually host the hardware we utilize.

This reconfiguration is already complete on more than 40% of the North American realms, the optimized realms are listed below, and the situation has noticeably improved on these realms. We are continuing to work towards the implementation of this reconfiguration for all realms, which we expect will resolve the instance creation issue for all players. We expect the optimization for all realms to be fully completed within the coming weeks, and would like to assure everyone that every effort is being made to ensure that this is completed as soon as possible – Huge list of servers follows at link.” (posted on 8/14/09 – updated with new server list on 8/26/09)

Segment 6 – Wrap-up

• Thanks to TexasMusicForge, HerbertBoland and lukaso @ The Freesound Project @ for making available sounds for the show.
• How to participate in the show – Right now, you can e-mail us at Leave us e-mail questions, audio questions, comments, suggestions, etc.
• And on the intertubes, you can find us at Here we’ll be posting show notes, news, thoughts and ideas and other things related to the podcast and WoW in general! You can get links to the RSS feed, and the iTunes feed as well!
• Visit our affiliates on our links page,, and These are business we trust, and we wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t trust them ourselves.
• 5-star review shoutouts: Capswartz, Coolpriest
• And just like Blizzard, the next podcast will be released within 7-10 days, or when it’s done (registered Trademark)


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