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Diary of a Disc Priest – Prepping for Arenas

by on September 23, 2009

I’ve spent a lot of time lately hammering the BGs, in preparation of joining the arena, arena. Here, I document my findings.


First, let’s touch on gear. You will always, always, always want to pick up as much gear as you possibly can through Battlegrounds, spending the Honor Points you earn on the latest season’s gear. For instance, with the start of Arena Season 7, you can now purchase the Deadly Gladiator armor set (head, shoulders, chest, gloves, and legs) along with the Furious Gladiator non-set armor (boots, belt, bracers, neck, ring, and cloak). Buy them all!


This might sound like a lot of work, but there are a couple things you can do to speed up this process. First of all, run Wintergrasp and complete the quests! Wintergrasp nets more honor than any battleground. You earn 3,723 HP (honor points) per quest, and contrary to popular belief, you can run these quests twice per week! The quests reset every Tuesday, but they also reset every 4 days after you turn them in! So if you complete the quests on Tuesday you can run them again on Saturday. There are 4 primary quests that directly involve a WG battle. Running these 4 quests, 2 times per week, at 3,723 HP per quest will net you 29,784 Honor per week!

My second suggestion is to simply run the daily BG, aka, the PvP Daily. The PvP Daily will net you 1,241 HP plus the honor from the Battleground. That equates to 8,687 HP per week.

My final tip is to turn in your Marks of Honor via the For Great Honor repeatable quest. As of patch 3.2, For Great Honor requires 6 different Marks of Honor which net 1,489 HP. Win 3 matches in each BG and you’ve earned yourself 13,401 HP.

So in one week, with minimal effort, you’ve earned yourself 51,872 HP plus whatever honor you earn in the actual battles.


Let’s get into what you will need as a Discipline Priest in arenas. Many players say Spell Power is your most important stat. I’m here to tell you that you need to prioritize a bit differently. First of all, you will need Spell Penetration. Why? Because without it, your fears will get resisted…a LOT…and a resisted fear often means death for your team. Pickup the +35 Spell Penetration enchant for your Furious cloak and a +25 Spell Penetration gem (aka Stormy Majestic Zircon). This will give you 60 Spell Penetration which will negate a large percentage of those fear resists.

Next up, you will need Hit Rating. This is especially important in 2v2. Why? Because as an arena healer in 2v2, you will still need to dish out some damage to help out your partner. You should aim for +5% to your Hit Rating which equates to about 130 Hit Rating. I currently have 138 Hit Rating, giving me +5.26% chance to hit. So how did I obtain Hit Rating? I purchased the Furious Gladiator neck and cloak that have +42 Hit each. I then purchased a +20 Hit Rating gem a +34 Hit Rating Dragon Eye recipe (JC Only). If you’re not a Jewelcrafter, two +20 Hit Rating gems will have to do.

So now you can hit level 80 players and they won’t resist your fears very often. You’re almost ready! Now is the time to stack Spell Power and Stamina. I favor the Glowing Dreadstone when gemming as it gives me +12 SP and +15 STA.

What about mana regen vs. crit? As you browse your non-set armor pieces you’ll notice you can either purchase a piece with +SPR or +Crit. Personally, I like to mix the two. This is completely your choice, but in long arenas the +SPR comes in handy. In short fights, the +Crit will better serve you. All-in-all, I don’t like to have too little of either.

Finally there’s Haste. Haste can be very handy in arenas. However, there never seems to be room for it. Here’s my solution. Pick up the Platinum Disks of Swiftness for 25 Wintergrasp Marks of Honor. Then create this macro:

/cast [target=player] Power Infusion
/use Platinum Disks of Swiftness

This macro will cast both Power Infusion on yourself and use the Platinum Disks of Swiftness. So you get +375 Haste, +20% casting speed, and -20% mana cost on all spells for 15 seconds. Haste problem solved. I usually pop this macro before going into damage dealing mode or mana drain mode. Both are very effective.

So my priority for stats are as follows:

  1. Get your +60 Spell Pen first
  2. Then your +130 Hit Rating
  3. Then gem SP and STA
  4. Mix SPR and Crit gear
  5. Pick up speed (Haste) through PI and the Platinum Disks of Swiftness trinket

Stay tuned for more on arena tactics, including opening progressions and how to deal with different classes.   I hope you found this guide to be useful and good luck in your arena matches!  Please comment away with your thoughts.



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  1. Hell This is Panndemic from Gill’s guild

    Quick Question Engineering or Blacksmithing, Which is more beneficial for a Guild and which is more beneficial for your own personal char.
    I’ve been weighing the Pros and Cons and it seems like Engineering is more of an help to your character rather than a help to others and you can make stuff for others ….but they have to be engineer also.
    The Blacksmithing can make mail and plate for whom ever and you can create armor and weapons, an belt buckles, however you the gear you can make really isn’t useful till you hit levels 60s-80. What do you think?

    P.S. my first needle was 4+years ago , Rolled a Horde Hunter, took a break to try alliance

  2. stacalm permalink

    Hey Panndemic…thanks for the question! We’ll certainly discuss this on the show, but I also wanted to reply here. You are correct. Engineering is more useful for yourself, while Blacksmithing is more useful for yourself AND others.

    I think of Engineering as a tinkerers profession. If you like eye-candy, mounts, mobile mailboxes, and repair bots, then Engineering is for you. If you’re looking to craft starter epics for Naxx, however, then Blacksmithing is the way to go. Blacksmiths can craft the Titansteel weapons and armor, which are very nice level 200 starter epics. Plus, they’re BoE so you can craft them for yourself and your guildees.

    Hope this helps!

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