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Patch 3.3 – Fall of the Lich King

by on December 8, 2009

Chalk one up for us! We actually got one right! December 8th is here and so is Patch 3.3. My questions to you are:

-What are your initial impressions?
-Have you tried out the new LFG tool? Quest tracking tool?
-Have you been in ICC yet?
-How are your add-ons doing (ok, I think I know the answer to this one)?

Let us know your initial impressions! Oh, and yes…I know my image choice for this post is somewhat secondary to the overall theme of Patch 3.3. However, Rotface is featured quite a bit in the trailer, and you have to admit, he’s pretty cool to look at! Rotface is one of the bosses in the Plagueworks wing of ICC. He has a brother…errr…identical twin…named Festergut. Both want to make their daddy (Professor Putricide) proud, by wiping your raid, preventing you from entering Putricide’s laboratory.



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  1. Damastus permalink

    Goup manager and instance servers were buggy on the first night, not too suprising. New content is looking good though. got to do a complete run of the first new 5 man and half a run on the second new 5man before being booted out of the instance. I expect 3.3.1 soon.

  2. Mellius permalink

    I’m in love with the lfg system. Granted I’m a healer so I get groups in less than a minute but it’s just amazing! People who complain how “easy it is”, while I don’t want to pass judgement, need to remember it’s a game that’s meant to be accessible to all and not a core 100 people.

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