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The best laid plans of gnomes and men…

by on April 7, 2010

Hey all!  Gill Here!

If you are reading this, you might have been guided here by our twitter post.  And wondering why we aren’t on uStream bantering away, hammering out our show notes and goofing off.

Here’s the skinny:  In order to give you the best show we can, we are postponing our live recording of Episode 23 until this weekend.  Due to Blizzard releasing 3 days worth of new Cataclysm Class changes (starting today), we figured it would be easier to wait until all the class changes were released before recording – allowing us to actually READ the stuff before going on air 😉

This also allows us to reschedule recording for Episode 24.  Why?  Well I’ll be on vacatino in New York City/Rhode Island between the 17th and 24th (which is when we would have normally recorded Ep 24).  So recording this weekend allows us to record after I get back from NYC.  Also, because I’ll be in Rhode Island, Episode 24 will probably NOT be streamed to uStream.  Stacalm and I will record old-school in Rhode Island (with the possibly of some guests), and post on or around the 21st.

So stay tuned to our twitter feed ( and we’ll announce the next recording later this week.

Take care all!



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  1. stacalm permalink

    Awwww man. I have to read!?!? 😛

  2. Dapredator permalink

    Cmon Stacalm don’t tell me even gill has to carry you?

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