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Episode #27 – Going All Stephen Hawkings

by on May 18, 2010

Going All Stephen Hawkings
These show notes are for Episode 27 of The Warcraft Syndicate Copyright 2010.

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Segment 1 – This week in WoW

Stacalm – Completed BRD for the first time ever.

Gillrisper – Acheivement – To All the Squirrel’s I’ve Loved Before – Leveled my Draneai a bit more as well.

Coolpriest – Dinged 80 on his paladin for his 7th level 80!

MMO Champion pulls all alpha content! –

One million gold in his pocket –

Segment 2 – Blizzard Blues

Profession Preview! –

Patch 3.3.5 on the PTR –

  • Ruby Sanctum
  • Real ID system
  • New chat features

Station Break – Ransue’s Rant – Names

Segment 3 – Loot Table

WoW Magazine Issue 2 Preview out!

Segment 4 – Wrap-up

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  • Thanks to TexasMusicForge, HerbertBoland and lukaso @ The Freesound Project @ for making available sounds for the show.
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  1. Pipsie permalink

    Ok, – As far as getting things to sell cross faction. You do not have to pay anything. If I want to sell lets say…a white kitten carrier (REALLY good seller in Horde AH) all I have to do is have two things ready. One…I need a buddy with a horde toon to go to a cross faction house (Booty Bay, Gadgetzan) I need to post it up for a very low price, have them ready to buy it immediatly. Then two, I need a Horde toon of my own to then meet up and have him trade it to me. Then I can take it to the Horde AH and sell it.
    Now, to get the money back? Simialar process. Go to the cross faction AH with my horde and the 200gold I just made via my white kitten, and have my buddy with an alliance toon come post something small, like 1 copper ore for 200g. I then buy that. And my alliance buddy trades me back my 200 gold to my original toon. A little complex, but a WHOLE lot better than paying 25 real life dollars. As a person who plays the pet market, you can believe me its worth the few minutes in booty bay and the log on log off time.
    (Im not sure its exactly ‘legal’ though…I never did check. Doesnt seem to violate the TOS, but it might be kinda loop hole-esc.)


    • gillrisper permalink

      True – Cross Faction is easy. Cross SERVER will cost money 🙂 If I had a ton of Borean Leather on Trollbane that goes for 1 gold for 20, but on Quel’Dorai 20 Borean Leather go for 10 gold, you’d have to transfer the character to other server before doing any AH work.

  2. Pipsie permalink

    Ransue – our own personal Penn! – (Hmm…Teller doesnt really translate to podcast)

  3. Pipsie permalink

    That what I get for listening to the podcast and trying to facebook at the same time. lol.

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