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Episode #31 – Gone the Way of the Dodo

by on June 27, 2010

Gone the Way of the Dodo

These show notes are for Episode 31 of The Warcraft Syndicate Copyright 2010.

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Segment 1 – This week in WoW

  • Gill/Nover – Dinged 25 on Novernaura, and bought my first piece of heirloom gear!
  • Stacalm – Managed to finally ding 66 on Rellen.
  • Coolpriest – Is just 2 levels shy of dinging 80 on his 8th toon!

Blizzard’s Role in Activision’s Income

The OverAchiever: The 25 Most Evil Achievements

Some of our “Favorites”

  • A Mask for All Occasions
  • Elders of the Horde/Alliance
  • 40 Exalted Reputations
  • Higher Learning (Dalaran Books)
  • Well Read (Other Books – Everywhere)
  • Bloody Rare/Frostbitten
  • The Cake is Not a Lie

PSA: Yet Another Scam Attempt –

Segment 2 – Blizzard Blues

Patch 3.3.5 is here

  • Assault on the Ruby Sanctum
  • Real ID: A New Way to Connect with Your Friends on

3.3.5 Known Issues

Throttling GearScore

No Scorchling?  Noooooooo!

Station Break – Ransue’s Rant – Fruit

Segment 3 – Change Bank

Make redeeming different emblems of ‘X’ easier!  Going from Frost to Heroism is a pain!

Segment 4 – Loot Table

Warcraft Movie talk?  Again!?

Prelude to Cataclysm available to pre-order!

Segment 5 – Wrap-up

  • Special thanks to DJ Dan Morrell, TexasMusicForge, Herbert Bolland, and Lukaso at
  • Just like Blizzard, the next podcast will be released within 7-10 days, or when it’s done (registered Trademark)

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