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Episode #32 – Clam Shards

by on July 5, 2010

Clam Shards
These show notes are for Episode 32 of The Warcraft Syndicate Copyright 2010.

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Segment 1 – This week in WoW

Cataclysm Closed Beta has Begun

Cataclysm Beta Guild Perks

Cataclysm Beta Patch Notes

Cataclysm Profession Preview:


  • Mats include, but are not limited to, Chimera’s Eye (new Dragon’s Eye), Amberjewel, Demonseye, Dream Emerald, Ember Topaz, Ocean Sapphire, Inferno Ruby, and Shadowspirit Diamond (new Meta)
  • Some recipes now include a bonus to Mastery


  • Mats include, but are not limited to, Elementium, Ebonsteel, and Pyrite
  • The Toughness skill at Rank 7 will grant you 120 Stamina


  • Mats include, but are not limited to, Hypnotic Dust, Celestial Essence, Heavenly Shard, and Maelstrom Crystal
  • Mastery recipes have been added


  • Potion of Illusion – Transforms the imbiber to look like someone else
  • Potion of Treasure Finding – Allows the imbiber to find extra treasures from monsters in Deephome, Twilight Highlands, and Uldum
  • Lifebound Alchemist Stone – An epic craftable trinket for Alchemists
  • New Transmutation recipes available


  • A ton of new recipes including new level 80 epic Plate gear and level 85 starter epic Plate gear!


  • New level 80 epic Leather gear
  • Higher level recipes have not been released yet


  • New epic spellthread recipes available
  • Illusionary Bag – 24-slot bag
  • Emberfire and Fireweave gear recipes – requires level 85

Wow for Free?

Segment 2 – Loot Table

World of Warcraft Tap Chat

Mario Marathon Raises Over $81,000

Segment 3 – Wrap-up

  • Special thanks to DJ Dan Morrell, TexasMusicForge, Herbert Bolland, and Lukaso at
  • Just like Blizzard, the next podcast will be released within 7-10 days, or when it’s done (registered Trademark)

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