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Episode #34 – The Bet is On

by on July 25, 2010

The Bet is On
These show notes are for Episode of The Warcraft Syndicate Copyright 2010.

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Segment 1 – This week in WoW

  • BIG HUGE thanks to the WarcraftPets Community for giving us our best week ever! 500 Downloads of Episode 33 and over 400 Page Hits! You guys are awesome!
  • We are now part of the WoWCentric network @
  • On Facebook as well!  Search The Warcraft Syndicate and become a Fan!
  • Gillrisper – Not much – spending time with my girlfriend these past weeks… But managed to quest out in Duskwood for a bit.
  • Stacalm – Logged in and discovered a glitch with the Real ID system. Tobito showed me as being “Last Online” 41 YEARS ago. I know it’s been awhile, but has it really been that long? Time flies when you’re having fun!
  • Curse Acquires MMO-Champion –

Segment 2 – Blizzard Blues

Forums to use Authenticator!

Blizzard hiring for new MMO! Woot!

Segment 3 – Loot Table

Blizzcon VirtualTickets are on sale! – Log analysis website

Segment 4 – E-Mail/Q&A

From the website:

Drrum says – “Enjoyed the show! Especially Brian/Breanni’s segment! Yay Warcraftpets!
One thing I strongly feel you should have touched more on regarding the Real ID Situation is how it has the potential to be a real safety liability issue. Sure, the whole account security flaw question will make most players squirm a bit. And yeah, forum accountability might suppress honest opinions. But as a female WoW player and stalking victim, the idea of having my real name attached to game forum posts was an absolute outrage. If you think my unfortunate experience is uncommon, think again. There are a lot of crazies in the world who delight at the prospect of having just such an avalanche of personal information cascading down their browser window. I love your show, but your perspective on this particular issue was diluted and conspicuously um… male.
I’d hazard a guess there were no women in attendance at the meeting where the Real ID forum decision was made. Had there been, that idea would never have left the room.”

Segment 5 – Wrap-up

  • Special thanks to DJ Dan Morrell, TexasMusicForge, Herbert Bolland, and Lukaso at
  • Just like Blizzard, the next podcast will be released within 7-10 days, or when it’s done (registered Trademark)

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