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Episode #40 – These Are Not the Trolls You Are Looking For

by on October 5, 2010

These Are Not the Trolls You Are Looking For
These show notes are for Episode 40 of The Warcraft Syndicate Copyright 2010.  This show was recorded on Sunday, October 3rd at which time the official release date of Cataclysm was not known.

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Segment 1 – This week in WoW

Gill – Dinged 35 on Novernaura. Picked up Herbalism.

Ryshat – Lots o’ mounts this week. Finished Argent dailies and got Silver Covenant Hipogryph. Brewfest FINALLY got me “What a Long Strange Trip Its Been” and Violet Proto Drake. Brewfest Kodo on first day. Final collectable pet, Mojo. Time to wind down until Catacalysm hits.

Privacy Rules!

Making Money – Pre-Catclysm style…

Dear Amazon, please stop telling us when Cataclysm will be released, Your Friend, Gill…

Finally – a reason other than Mounts to get your base factions up..

Segment 2 – Blizzard Blues

Hmmmm… Dec 7th?

Maybe they are onto something…

Got yer Blizzcon e-mail yet? You should soon!

Station Break – Ransue’s Rant – Huntards….

Segment 3 – Loot Table

Rawr! The WoW character gear explorer.

Segment 4 – Change Bank

From Ryshat – Combine the alternate portals (i.e. to Gadgetzan and Toshley’s Station) into one unit, like the Gnomish Army Knife

From Ryshat – a city wide channel LIKE trade chat, but set up for regular chat freeing up trade for just trade and more filterable options.

Segment 5 – Wrap-up

  • Special thanks to DJ Dan Morrell, TexasMusicForge, Herbert Bolland, and Lukaso at
  • How to participate – e-mail us at
  • 5-star review shoutouts: Heffenwizen sez, “Just started listening. You guys have a great show.”
  • And just like Blizzard, the next podcast will be released within 7-10 days, or when it’s done (registered Trademark)

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  1. Ryshat permalink

    I am obviously the one with the big ear-… the hair-… uh, the gaze of….

    I’m the one in the clean shirt.

    I think.

  2. Ryshat permalink

    I’m getting an error when trying to get it on itunes.

  3. stacalm permalink

    Thanks Ryshat…don’t know what happened there. It should be fixed now.

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