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Patch 4.0.1 Pros and Cons

by on October 15, 2010

Now that we’ve had a couple days to digest Patch 4.0.1, I thought this would be a good time to list out some of my likes and dislikes of the patch.  This is by no means a complete list, but rather just what I have experienced over the past couple days.  If you’d like to add anything to it, please do!

Pros (Likes)

  • The new water – it’s as good as advertised.
  • Pressing ‘B’ to open all my bags – this happens on one toon but on another I still have to press Shift+B…maybe I’m missing a keybind?
  • Reforging – all of my gear has been reforged.  I was swimming in mana so I decided to drop my Spirit a whole bunch in favor of Haste and Mastery.  10G per reforge is very reasonable as well.
  • The new CD timer – instead of making profession CDs 20 hours, they now reset every night at midnight.  This creates a true “once per day” craft.  I no longer have to plan my entire day around when my transmute is coming off cooldown…sweet!  (yes, that was an exaggeration)
  • Patch Downloading – we can now get in the game before patches completely download.  However, I can’t help but think, “what am I missing?” or “is the game going to crash?” when I login with an incomplete game.  Overall, the new system is nice though.  At the very least I can get in and do AH stuff while I wait for patches to completely install, instead of /twiddlingthumbs.
  • Tooltips – the revamped tooltips are nice.  They’re clean looking and informative…everything a tooltip should be.
  • New icons – many classes received new spell/ability icons.  In my case, the Shaman received new icons for branding their weapons.  The icons do a better job of distinguishing each brand and are overall much nicer looking.
  • XP gains from gathering – herbalists and miners now receive XP when farming nodes.  Today, I received a beefy 2500XP at level 69 for picking a flower.  I was thrilled!
  • Character animations on select screen – the new character animations on the character select screen are a cool little addition to the game.  Although I don’t know why my resto shaman is casting Lightning Bolt?  Why not Riptide?
  • Cold-weather flying at 68 – the ability to fly around Northrend AND get to Dalaran at level 68 feels like cheating…THANK YOU BLIZZARD!

Cons (Dislikes)

  • The gem market – as I replaced a bunch of +10 Int/+10 Spr gems with +10 Int/+10 Haste gems, I realized that I was getting ripped off.  I paid 120G to lower my Spr by 10 and raise my Haste by 10.  Then I went to the Reforger and paid 10G to lower my Spr by 36 and raise my Haste by 36?  There suddenly feels like a disconnect in the epic gem market.
  • Master Riding – 5000G to bump my flight speed by 30% seemed like an alright deal at the time, but now that I have dropped the 5000G and tested it out, I want my money back.  I am having buyer’s remorse.  If you’re on the fence, I suggest to save the gold…it’s simply not worth it.
  • Smite Healing – I’m on the fence with this one, but so far the introduction of Smite healing isn’t all that exciting for me.  If I really wanted to do damage to a mob, wouldn’t I just roll a DPS class or spec Shadow?  I like the idea behind this, but so far it’s just not that impressive in action.  I don’t feel like I’m really helping all that much by doing 1600 DPS with Holy Fire and Smite.  I’ve found that the Smite Heals are usually overheals and during times where I need to blast the tank with a “real” heal, I’m turning to Penance, shields, Flash Heals, and PoM…I’m not thinking at all about the slow casting Smite Heal.
  • OP! – everyone is overpowered.  I have to admit it’s kinda fun facerolling 5-man heroics, but at the same time, it gets silly and boring pretty quick.  For me, challenging encounters equate to how much fun I’m having.  The more challenging, the more fun.  Please Cataclysm…get here quick!
  • The bugs – I listed some of them below.  Not that I’m complaining…overall this patch was a lot less buggy than Patch 3.0 (which brought ALL realms down for a couple days and prompted Blizzard to give everyone a refund for the extended outage).


  • Autoloot – Autoloot seems much slower and sometimes doesn’t work at all.
  • Clicking off NPCs – when I click on an NPC, I’m not able to click off the NPC.
  • Socket bonuses – even after regemming into the correct color gems and having my socket bonuses light up green, I did not receive any of the socket bonuses.  Is it because my socket bonuses give a boost to Spell Power?  Maybe.  However, if that’s the case, then shouldn’t Blizzard replace the socket bonuses on the gear with Int?
  • Missing Haste buff – it doesn’t appear that I’m getting my haste buff from Darkness when I spec into Disc.
  • Enchants – people have reported that some enchants are missing from their gear.  The question is, do you reenchant the gear or is Blizzard going to fix this?  The answer is, you need to reenchant your gear.  Blizzard is aware of the issue but does not have a solution to fix it, nor are they investigating a solution to fix it.
  • Missing Toons – some toons have vanished.  Blizzard is working to resolve this issue and has assured us that no toons have been deleted.
  • Warlock pets renamed – this is a bug and Blizzard is working to resolve it.

(there are tons more, but these are a few that I have witnessed and a few of the high profile ones…the list changes every day as Blizzard resolves issues and new issues arise)


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  1. Ryshat permalink


    Hunter Focus – Oddly enough, I’ve gotten used to focus and even like the way I can swap specs and be up and running in no time (as opposed to waiting for 15K+ mana to regenerate or use up consumables).

    Moar Pets! – Gotta get em’ all! Or at least what fits in my 20 slots. Plus getting full on raid buffs is awesome.

    Reforging – A great, and relatively inexpensive way, to tweak gear stats. I dumped all my the haste I could for mastery and haven’t looked back.

    Glyphs – Not only can we learn them all one time and just have them, but some are TOTALLY awesome (as opposed to the odd four or five that were useful before. 100% spell/attack reflection while under deterrence? Yes please! I killed a Boomkin with his own damned spells!

    Trap Launcher – “Hmm, those orcs over there vex me greatly. If only there was a way I could, oh … I don’t know, thow snakes on them.” A targeted Explosive Trap and Snakes sort of makes for a poor mans AoE.


    Pet Leveling – Now I have 20 pets to levle up to 80. Not too bad as they scale up to 77 now, but … yikes!

    Where Are My &%#@$ BUTTONS?! – Relearning the UI and where I put my spells on the spell bar now. Too many PVP deaths while hunting for Deterrence or Disengage or traps to launch. Plus trying to find raid commands, pet spells, etc. Slowy but surely working though it all.

    Pet Spells – There DEFINITELY needs to be a way to add pet spells to your regular UI bars, or at least expand the number of pet slots. Some pets just have too many useful spells/abilities now to fit into the alloted 4 spaces.

    Point System – I’ve heard too many horros stories about lost Justice Points and currency lost in the big conversion. Luckily, I panicked 10 minutes before the servers went down and converted all my honor into gems and used all my badges to buy BoA gear.

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