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Blizzcon Cataclysm Cinematics Panel

by on October 23, 2010

This panel is a “How They Do It”-style panel.  Explaining how Blizzard Entertainment creates their incredible cinematics.

Slated today is a WORLD PREMIERE of the Worgen in-game cinematic!

One of the big questions was “Which lands to we break?” and the answer was “All of them”

Three thing were considered in creating the cinematic – 1) Level of Recognition, 2) Balance (equal parts Horde/Alliance) and 3) Cool Factor

It takes the developers approximately 1 year to do a WoW intro Cinematic.

Deathwing is the LARGEST character model ever created for World of Warcraft.  To human scale, Deathwing is larger than an American Football field. Wingtip to wingtip – 1200 feet!

The cinematics team, when they were first presented the concept art for the initial cinematic, thought they were getting “punk’d”

During the Darkshore destruction sequence, each uncompressed frame would take up 40GB of hard drive space – to download JUST the Darkshore sequence on a Cable modem, it would take almost a year.


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