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Blizzcon Class Q&A Panel

by on October 23, 2010

 Blizzcon Class Q&A Panel


  • Having account wide achievements instead of character-specific achievements is something Blizzard is looking into.
  • Passive racial abilities will likely not change in the near future.
  • Murlocs are special.  LOL.


  • Scopes should be much more useful in the future and Blizzard promises they will be “cool” again.
  • There have been discussions to remove the range restrictions for ranged weapons, but at this time no change will be made.


  • Wild Mushroom is working as intended.
  • New Minor Glyph that allows players to have their old tree form back.
  • Nom Nom Nom was changed because Blizzard doesn’t use Pop Culture references in their naming of abilities.
  • With the changes to stats and gear, feral cats and tanks should not have to worry about gear not “fitting” them any more.  However, they will still have to compete with rogues for gear.


  • Consolodating tanking into one tree should help DK tanks become more suitable as a main tank.
  • Blood will get a boost to threat generation in Patch 4.0.3.
  • We could see an increase in Runic Power generation for blood or a reduction in cost for Runic Strike in a future patch to assist DK tanks with their openers.


  • Sorry mages…apparently you are perfect.


  • Mastery for Shadow Priest – balancing issues between PvP vs. PvE.  This is a work in progress.
  • Smite healing currently has low throughput in the live game, but it works as intended in Cataclysm.
  • Power Word: Shield feels overpowered in live, but in Beta it is working as intended.


  • Inner Rage is here to stay.  However, if Blizzard finds that warriors have too much rage, this ability could be removed.
  • The Heroic Strike change was designed to stop Warriors from having to hammer on Heroic Strike over and over.


  • OH weapons have been limited to daggers.  In the future, we might see fast OH weapons like swords or axes to give rogues more flexibility in choosing an OH weapon.
  • Combat rogues are weak right now.  There are plans to boost Combat Mastery by x3 which should help fix them.  This change is currently in the Beta.
  • Bandit’s Guile’s intent is to reward rogues that use their highest damage abilities at the correct times.


  • Nothing for Shamans this year. 


  • Combo Points were implemented to prevent facerolling and were designed to make paladins have to pay attention to more than just their CDs.
  • Tweaks to the combo point system are coming.
  • Threat issues for Prot. Pallies had more to do with too much threat generation from Warriors and not an issue with the spec.  The Warrior threat issue has been resolved.
  • Consecration is now meant to be a situational threat generator and not an opener.
  • Zealotory is a work in progress, but overall is working as intended.


  • Demon Soul was meant to be a situational ability and not just another Frost Bolt.  It’s a niche spell by design.  It is meant to be a burst damage spell.

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