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Episode #48 – Podcast Impossible

by on January 3, 2011

Podcast Impossible
These show notes are for Episode 48 of The Warcraft Syndicate Copyright 2010.

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Gill – Dinged 83 and started in on Archaeology.

Stacalm – Dinged 83 on my rogue. Leveled from 81 to 83 stictly through Archaeology. Arch is up to 359. Also been running heroics, trying to get Stacalm geared for raids.

Segment 1 – This week in WoW

Breaking the bad VG movie trend?

Finally a use for G4TV

Segment 2 – Blizzard Blues

Ghostcrawler chimes in on class changes

Tol Barad hotfixed…. Again!

Segment 3 – Loot Table

Kinect more closely with your Character…

New Hoodies from SwagDog

Segment 4 – E-mail/Q&A

Talking Point – What does B(viii) even mean anymore?

World or Gameplay?

Segment 5 – Wrap-up

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  1. Whoot! Glad you guys are back. Another good show. =)

    Your absence has driven me into the arms of other WoW related podcasts.

    …and I find them lacking.

    Considering that yours is one of the first WoW podcast I listened to, it has really spoiled me for other shows. You guys have a great camaradarie and chemestry.

    Keep up the great work in the new year.

    Oh, and *DING!* 85! 😉

    • gillrisper permalink

      Wow – I second Stacalm’s post 🙂 Thanks for the awesome words. 🙂

  2. stacalm permalink

    Gratz Ryshat and thanks for the kind words! Now I just need to fix my new mic…I hate it!

  3. Bigbullie permalink

    Belloc Brightblade horde archaeology trainer = Rene Belloq from the first Indy movie. Him and Indiana are fierce rivals and Belloq is kind of a jerk.

    Belloc is also kind of a jerk and if the bad guys are winning he works with them aka Commander Schnotts questline. If you havent done it yet Gill I highly suggest it I love Indiana jones stuff too and it was a blast.

    1st time listener of the podcast and you guys are awsome keep it up!!

    • stacalm permalink

      Rene Belloq! Of course! The dude with the stupid white hat. 🙂 Thanks Bullie!

      • See? Belloc (Belloq) = bad guy. Hode has Belloc. Horde = bad guys.

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