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Episode 53 – Stupid Government Agencies

by on March 20, 2011

Stupid Government Agencies
These show notes are for Episode 53 of The Warcraft Syndicate Copyright 2011.


Gill – Completed Eastern Kingdom Quests, and started Kalimdor.

FINALLY ran a Cataclysm Dungeon! Ran Lost City of Tol’vir – Got a ILevel 333 Ring!

Guild got A Class Act – now we can get the Shroud of Co-operation

Stacalm – Obtained Cataclysmically Epic for equipping a iLvl359 in every slot. Picked up the Dark Phoenix mount for being exalted with the guild. The mount unlocks after you down all the normal raid content. Downed the Council in the Bastion of Twilight. Just 3 bosses to go to complete all normal mode content!

Segment 1 – This week in WoW

BC Dungeon Maps Arriving with 4.1

Segment 2 – Blizzard Blues

Soulstone Combat Resurrections in the Works

Valor Point Conversion, Arena Season 10, Delayed Until 4.2

New VP Mechanics in 4.1

RSA Security Hack Not Affecting Blizzard Authenticators

Ask the Devs Q&A

Q: While mining and herbalism both supports two other professions (jewel crafting and blacksmith for mining, inscription and alchemy for herbalism), skinning only support leather working and is less viable. Will you consider adding some small advantages for skinning, for example, chances to get more cooking material, to make skinning more attractive? – 柴德洛夫 (Taiwan)
A: Skinning has its own advantages though. For example, you can skin the same targets you are killing for quests or while running a dungeon, while Mining and Herbalism often require you to go out of your way to gather that resource. Sometimes you get lucky and find a field of recently-killed corpses, just waiting to be skinned.

Q: Healers cannot get Flask of Flowing Water from Guild Cauldron, which means Guild Cauldron is useless to healers. Can I expect any improvement for this? –꼬꼬마샷다 (Korea)
A: We couldn’t figure out an elegant way to determine if healers wanted the Spirit flask or the Intellect flask, so we erred on the side of throughput and gave them Intellect. Healers who would prefer Spirit can just get the normal flasks. We’ll think about another way to handle this. Spirit is obviously very popular among healers, but we don’t want to have a system that pops up a window asking you which flask you want.

Segment 3 – Loot Table

Razer Switchblade Concept Appears at GDC 2011

New Jinx Tees!

Segment 4 – Wrap-up

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  1. stacalm permalink

    Sorry all…don’t know what happened to the recording quality on my end. I blame Skype…but only because it’s easy to. 🙂 We’ll make sure we fix the issue for the next show!

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